Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Does this event have the potential to be the most "epic" cross race since the famous one 2000 years ago won by that Heysus guy, chronicled by Mel Gibson???
Speaking of EPIC, here's a quote from an un-named track cyclist (whom I agree with 100 percent).
"NO cross race can be “epic” – period
There is no single track
There is nothing but bland open paths and wide open run ups

The Giro stage that finished in a blizzard at the top that Hampsten won, now that was EPIC.
10 miles of swooping tight single track down a mt. with huge burned turns that passes through rain forests, redwoods and open vista’s, that is EPIC

Riding in sand through a fucking barn on a farm in IA in December is plain stupid

JINGLE CROSS bitch! My wood is already stiff just typing it

Fuck off!

Now I’m getting wound up! Gonna have to do some standing starts..."