Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Dave Racing

So Big Dave goes to Calif, and the only pics he sends us are lame-o. Then I go onto Pez Cycling News to find Big Dave living large with the Rock Racing Girls! That son-of-a-bitch was holding out on us!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LSC at the TOC

All u "blackwells" that like to make fun of the loon kit, laugh it up. We've added a ProTour rider to our team.

Friday, February 22, 2008

More rain and wind kept the hotties at home

Once again I failed to deliver the goods from the Stage 4 finish of The Tour of California in S.L.O. There were no hotties to be found and all the Flanders girlz are in AZ. Apparently, the Rock Racing hotties, Specialized angel and other spokesmodels have hair, makeup and bubbly personalities that aren't waterproof. Although I doubt whether their personalities were a prerequsite for employment.

However, this guy was there. Wasn't he at a recent MCF banquet?

The final very corner before the finish straight. Slippery when wet.

The uphill finish 200M from the corner

The winner Rollin carefully rounding the corner. The chasers 30 seconds back

The second group of chasers-behind 2nd place Hincape and 3rd of Ortuzarno. No one went down

Despite the wet conditions... fast

Skibby-do you know this guy Kilun? He is DFL although I think 14 abandoned during this stage

Well, I'm fairly certain I will not win any award for guest blogger or even be asked back by Mr. Positivity. But honestly, I couldn't care less. What, did any of you think I was really doing this for your entertainment? :) I had fun. Thanks for those of you who who read or just looked at the pics. I'll take it.

This is what I'm going to remember along with one other thing...



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is what's going to happen....

To Big Dave and his fucking camera, when he gets back to Minnesota...

Another disappointing post....

I guess it really does rain in SoCal - a lot! It gets windy too. I was listening to a Steve Earle tune last night. "When the rain came down." How prophetic.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pic for Skibby and remember, no good deed goes unpunished

She is from France Skibby... France! She grew up as neighbors of Richard Virenque! Ok, maybe she said Ralph Victorie? -apparently he's famous. Don't confuse me with the facts. Richard Virenque fits better. She was friendly. She must have thought I was a good tipper. I hope I didn't disappoint her.

That is it- no more chick pics so you can look at Sickboy's blog now. Oh, I forgot. He's not allowed to blog anymore. Someone deserves huge thanks for that!!!
Almost left the camera at home. Didn't want it to fall from my jersey during my sprint stuff today. With overgear efforts I look like Ryan Bailey (monkey f^*&king a football as his coach says). Not that anyone cares but I'm not forcing you to read :) Now if I only was as fast as him it wouldn't be so funny.

Had to spend the first minutes tweaking seat, etc on the side of the road. No less than 3 cars slowed and asked if I needed anything - two were hotties Skib. But who could blame them for stopping? A girls' best dream. A shiny new bike! In MN I would have been told to get off the GD street and back on the trail where I belong.

So sprint stuff completed I was just rolling around eazy and I saw cyclist trying to fix something. In typical MN roadie fashion (not all for sure), I speed up and threw him an indignant glance. But I thought better and yelled if he needed anything. He needed a 4 mm hex. Sure here I have one. Thx whatever- on the way I went- good deed accomplished. Fast forward, luckily only a few miles from home it started to feel like I was pedaling a little clown bike. The seatpost had dropped about 6 inches. Of course, I forgot to get my 4mm hex back. My fault - I know.



Monday, February 18, 2008

Be careful what you wish for.....

I was up early to take the Coaster train down to south San Diego and ride east/south to find some hills. I was toying with the idea of heading across the border. There is a brand new Junek 25o track in Tijuana I want to see and ride the next time I get down here. I should have brought my passport. Hell, who am I kidding. I don't even have a passport. Put that on the list. Nice ride on the train for a couple $$. I wanted to get a picture of me at the Coaster station. Do you know how hard it is to get a few Hispanic guys wearing big gloves and winter coats ( it was a little cold at 7AM), who definitely had farm type labor jobs and didn't speak any English, to get one of them to take your picture?-And then to take your picture without looking gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that as the Seinfeld episode said. Well this is the result. It was one shot deal - I didn't even get to look at the camera- Still had the ipod in the ears listening to a new and some old favs. Can't take credit for the new fav tho.

Against my better judgement to post! Blame it on that mini keg.

Finally the train

Finally arrived at the last stop and I headed out looking for a few hills East of San Diego, Chula Vista. Not exactly sure where I ended up but there were 3 of this type of climbs on home lined twisty roads. I'd guess about 1500 feet and a mile long. I got what I was looking for and more. For a average old track sprinter, I felt pretty good on the first two. Let's not talk about the third but I made it.

Not at all that impressive for a real roadie. Almost to the top in the background.

Looking down. The roads were too twisty to get a good perspective with a pic.

By the time I got back to the coast the weather had really changed. I heard off and on rain is coming in for the next few days. It is still way better that 8 degz.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green with envy

To all of you who habitually bail on coming out to SD to train with me (you know who you are) citing one lame excuse after another, check out the scene. It can't be the complimentary accomodations, the weather or the great riding on the track and/or road. Damn, what else could.......? -Oh, Ok...never mind.

View from backyard

Nice kitchen

The day of riding yesterday took its toll. Apparently, despite dropping 5kgs during the winter and getting a new Damocles, you can't fool your body into thinking you are a roadie after 1 day or for me, probably ever. But I went out for another 45 miles today with the last half tailwind:) The new bike fells better everyday.

Sorry Skibby, Pamela Anderson wasn't there today. Brad Huff wasn't there either -sorry Sickboy!

First city sprint sign win of 2008. Ok, it was uncontested but I'm still counting it as a win.

This was the toughest decision of the day: Left or right :) - San Diego or Oceanside?

This is what the guy who owns this place left for me. He said enjoy! I think I'm going to need help.

Later haters!

Heading to a cool vegetarian place on the Pacific in Luecadia - then I'd better get going on that mini keg-haha.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Damn batteries

Got in later than expected- flight issues. Got up early to put the bike together and then headed off to get a new pair of Sidis. Remember Skib's old post about Donimators fancy new track shoes- from "Milan to the Blacktop of Blaine?" Well, mine aren't so fancy. I just bought the '08 5.5 Genius carbons. Great deal too! From the gutters of Greenbrier Circle to the cobblestones of Carlsbad.

Anyway, I headed out for a hard ride. It seems I adjusted these cleats every few miles (sucks) but I think they are dialed in now. Is it just me or does everyone have issues when you get new shoes? 2.5 hours of rollers and one good climb(for me that is). Unfortunately, my camera batteries went after that first pic. So, I missed a lot of great action shots. Reminds me of 20 years ago. We rode our Harleys to Sturgis. One of my friends spotted these "girlz" and if you've been to Sturgis, you'd know what I mean. He had them posing on our Harleys for at least 15 minutes while he took tonz of pictures. I quietly asked, "how much damn film to you have in that camera?" Film...? he said, Oh I don't have film. It was funny. Guess you had to be there. I was never there again- not really my kind of crowd. Sold my Harley to an old friend 15 yrs ago and he still has it. He's a Captain for the STPFD. If I had kept it, I wonder if I'd be doing something different?
Despite the issues, it is tough to be anything but Mr. Positivity. The weather is good, the new shoes are better, the riding is the best and the new bike is simply awesome! OK, I'm going to get batteries for tomorrow and will have some good riding pics. It's supposed to be 60's and sunny!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Who the hell are you and what happened to the new Prez?

I thought I'd relieve some of the obvious pressure Skibby has been feeling because of his newly adopted Power of Positivity mantra.
He couldn't possibly continue that forever. Look what happened to his right arm. Hell, did you hear him on BTDC? You could hear the pressure cracking in his voice. (I promised someone I'd stop listening for a while- :))
For this reason, I will be guest blogging for a short time so he can take a well deserved rest ( I think in Hollywood they call it Rehab). I wonder if his Henchman is heading up the security detail? The Prez will be back to preach the "Mr. Positivity" message in about a week. I'm heading to Southern CA. to do some training (you know that is all I like to do) and hopefully get to the Tour of Cali. While Skibby is convalescing, he asked me to get a few special pics to post. I'll do my best.
So if you don't find my words entertaining (can't blame anyone for that) I hope to have some good pics to post. First attempt - Leaving work to pack and then to the airport. I thought this was funny. I promise, they will get better if my camera doesn't break:)

It is a Buick Park Avenue -check the vanity plate


I am Skibbalized... Trying to maintain positivity... There will be a special guest blogger for the next week coming from the sunny ocean-side of Ca, look for him to bring his own special brand of positivity... Skibalized out...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NODAK Attack!

LSC is adding more power to its lineup with the recent signing of Kent Throlson! Kent has been racing for the Great Plains Cycling Club but with his recent move to the Twin Cities he's decided to join a local team. He's a strong Cat 3 and very good cyclo-cross racer for those of you who are interested in that. The best part is that Kent is another North Dakotan and you can't have too many of us around! The photo above is from the Badlands Classic a couple of years ago, Kent is behind me, getting ready to blow by and eventually drop me! Welcome Kent!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Victory Salute

Working on the victory salute. I don't think my guns are as big as SuperKirk's yet...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mark Jamieson (TAS)                       4.23.973 (54.55 km/h)

from Cycling news