Saturday, February 16, 2008

Damn batteries

Got in later than expected- flight issues. Got up early to put the bike together and then headed off to get a new pair of Sidis. Remember Skib's old post about Donimators fancy new track shoes- from "Milan to the Blacktop of Blaine?" Well, mine aren't so fancy. I just bought the '08 5.5 Genius carbons. Great deal too! From the gutters of Greenbrier Circle to the cobblestones of Carlsbad.

Anyway, I headed out for a hard ride. It seems I adjusted these cleats every few miles (sucks) but I think they are dialed in now. Is it just me or does everyone have issues when you get new shoes? 2.5 hours of rollers and one good climb(for me that is). Unfortunately, my camera batteries went after that first pic. So, I missed a lot of great action shots. Reminds me of 20 years ago. We rode our Harleys to Sturgis. One of my friends spotted these "girlz" and if you've been to Sturgis, you'd know what I mean. He had them posing on our Harleys for at least 15 minutes while he took tonz of pictures. I quietly asked, "how much damn film to you have in that camera?" Film...? he said, Oh I don't have film. It was funny. Guess you had to be there. I was never there again- not really my kind of crowd. Sold my Harley to an old friend 15 yrs ago and he still has it. He's a Captain for the STPFD. If I had kept it, I wonder if I'd be doing something different?
Despite the issues, it is tough to be anything but Mr. Positivity. The weather is good, the new shoes are better, the riding is the best and the new bike is simply awesome! OK, I'm going to get batteries for tomorrow and will have some good riding pics. It's supposed to be 60's and sunny!


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Skibby said...

holy crap, nice track leg!