Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green with envy

To all of you who habitually bail on coming out to SD to train with me (you know who you are) citing one lame excuse after another, check out the scene. It can't be the complimentary accomodations, the weather or the great riding on the track and/or road. Damn, what else could.......? -Oh, Ok...never mind.

View from backyard

Nice kitchen

The day of riding yesterday took its toll. Apparently, despite dropping 5kgs during the winter and getting a new Damocles, you can't fool your body into thinking you are a roadie after 1 day or for me, probably ever. But I went out for another 45 miles today with the last half tailwind:) The new bike fells better everyday.

Sorry Skibby, Pamela Anderson wasn't there today. Brad Huff wasn't there either -sorry Sickboy!

First city sprint sign win of 2008. Ok, it was uncontested but I'm still counting it as a win.

This was the toughest decision of the day: Left or right :) - San Diego or Oceanside?

This is what the guy who owns this place left for me. He said enjoy! I think I'm going to need help.

Later haters!

Heading to a cool vegetarian place on the Pacific in Luecadia - then I'd better get going on that mini keg-haha.



Skibby said...

ok, that looks really nice, but I'm not jealous, had an awesome ride with the new loon Kid Del, Painman, Jens, Jim R, D Ritz Cracker and the Red Lantern. I was sore from yesterday's high RPM workout, but I was able to somewhat hang on today, I can't wait for Loon Camp!

dg said...

How did that 12 degz feel? You're in denial:) How goes rehab?