Friday, February 22, 2008

More rain and wind kept the hotties at home

Once again I failed to deliver the goods from the Stage 4 finish of The Tour of California in S.L.O. There were no hotties to be found and all the Flanders girlz are in AZ. Apparently, the Rock Racing hotties, Specialized angel and other spokesmodels have hair, makeup and bubbly personalities that aren't waterproof. Although I doubt whether their personalities were a prerequsite for employment.

However, this guy was there. Wasn't he at a recent MCF banquet?

The final very corner before the finish straight. Slippery when wet.

The uphill finish 200M from the corner

The winner Rollin carefully rounding the corner. The chasers 30 seconds back

The second group of chasers-behind 2nd place Hincape and 3rd of Ortuzarno. No one went down

Despite the wet conditions... fast

Skibby-do you know this guy Kilun? He is DFL although I think 14 abandoned during this stage

Well, I'm fairly certain I will not win any award for guest blogger or even be asked back by Mr. Positivity. But honestly, I couldn't care less. What, did any of you think I was really doing this for your entertainment? :) I had fun. Thanks for those of you who who read or just looked at the pics. I'll take it.

This is what I'm going to remember along with one other thing...



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