Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pic for Skibby and remember, no good deed goes unpunished

She is from France Skibby... France! She grew up as neighbors of Richard Virenque! Ok, maybe she said Ralph Victorie? -apparently he's famous. Don't confuse me with the facts. Richard Virenque fits better. She was friendly. She must have thought I was a good tipper. I hope I didn't disappoint her.

That is it- no more chick pics so you can look at Sickboy's blog now. Oh, I forgot. He's not allowed to blog anymore. Someone deserves huge thanks for that!!!
Almost left the camera at home. Didn't want it to fall from my jersey during my sprint stuff today. With overgear efforts I look like Ryan Bailey (monkey f^*&king a football as his coach says). Not that anyone cares but I'm not forcing you to read :) Now if I only was as fast as him it wouldn't be so funny.

Had to spend the first minutes tweaking seat, etc on the side of the road. No less than 3 cars slowed and asked if I needed anything - two were hotties Skib. But who could blame them for stopping? A girls' best dream. A shiny new bike! In MN I would have been told to get off the GD street and back on the trail where I belong.

So sprint stuff completed I was just rolling around eazy and I saw cyclist trying to fix something. In typical MN roadie fashion (not all for sure), I speed up and threw him an indignant glance. But I thought better and yelled if he needed anything. He needed a 4 mm hex. Sure here I have one. Thx whatever- on the way I went- good deed accomplished. Fast forward, luckily only a few miles from home it started to feel like I was pedaling a little clown bike. The seatpost had dropped about 6 inches. Of course, I forgot to get my 4mm hex back. My fault - I know.




Kirk said...

Is that in front of the Potato Shack?

Lunatic Biker said...

Skibby, I think Big Dave is a geuinely nice man who's quite unsure of what we're looking for here. I have confidence in him.

Mike Lalla said...

I'll make it simple.

More West Coast Hotties!!!