Friday, February 15, 2008

Who the hell are you and what happened to the new Prez?

I thought I'd relieve some of the obvious pressure Skibby has been feeling because of his newly adopted Power of Positivity mantra.
He couldn't possibly continue that forever. Look what happened to his right arm. Hell, did you hear him on BTDC? You could hear the pressure cracking in his voice. (I promised someone I'd stop listening for a while- :))
For this reason, I will be guest blogging for a short time so he can take a well deserved rest ( I think in Hollywood they call it Rehab). I wonder if his Henchman is heading up the security detail? The Prez will be back to preach the "Mr. Positivity" message in about a week. I'm heading to Southern CA. to do some training (you know that is all I like to do) and hopefully get to the Tour of Cali. While Skibby is convalescing, he asked me to get a few special pics to post. I'll do my best.
So if you don't find my words entertaining (can't blame anyone for that) I hope to have some good pics to post. First attempt - Leaving work to pack and then to the airport. I thought this was funny. I promise, they will get better if my camera doesn't break:)

It is a Buick Park Avenue -check the vanity plate


Super Rookie said...

Coldsprints Feb. 29th.

What kind of Watts do you need for that?

dg said...

Whew! Someone commented.
FYI before I left I did roller sprints with the BT(without a lame fork mount- :)). I could only hit 218 -Must be all this thinking of road riding.
I'll be thereGrumpy.
Don't miss the free beer at Busch Gardens - I know how you train...