Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Fresh and so Clean...

From Harper-Collins

Riders, get ready!

The biggest bicycle race in the world is about to begin—the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong is the fastest, most famous bike rider in the world, so what could go wrong?


From rainstorms to crashes to cows in the road, Lance goes the distance to show that winners never quit. And—while Lance pedals—you'll enjoy discovering funny details and recurring characters in art that gives a spectacular view of the race.

Not too mention all the meanie's who try to derail Lance; Simeoni, the Vampires, American hating French media, Walsh, finding the right make-up to cover the needle marks, being able to dispose of trash indiscreetly, the double-crossers who leave his team to dope for another team, and all the women who don't understand that he should be able to cheat on them. I know what I"m getting the SMithers kids for Christmas!


Meow said...

Did he ever look that happy when he was actually riding the Tour?!

Smithers said...

Please do.