Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot/Not Hot

photo credit Andy Kruse

Whaddya think Larry, am I Hot or Not/Hot? hmmmmmmm

Womens track Field: Traded in the Turtles for Cheetahs! Elena, Linsey, Flanders girls, Dahlmans and others all sparked it up, yeah!!!

Kristen Armstrong: NVGP springboarded her to victory!

Stick Lavick: Not only did he have his own Blackdog challenge, his encouragement helped me thru the 100 lap madison last night, where I was the "anchor" literally and figuratively!

Terra Bee James and her Russ Denny

Sprint Cup and Champ Madison: Where are the riders?

Cat 4 championship: 4 crashes in a handful of laps. The infield looked like a M*A*S*H unit. The splinter lady was busy. NASCAR aint got nothin on this.

CX Practice on August 14th? That aint Epic....

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SickBoy said...

Hot: Lumber One socks in SPEEDFIX team colors....