Friday, August 8, 2008


(pic courtesy of timmer)
-3k Speed at the Track - Timmer = 3:37, Tainter = 3:40, Casper = 3:43. There's some fast 40+ guys around here. I'm not one of em...
-Thursday Night Lites - Amazingly fun season. Racing is faster than ever, and we've got more fasties on the way.
-Masks - Lots of Pollution in Blaine
-FH50 - More local fasties

-Womens Racing on the track - ATTACK PLEASE!!!!
-Masks Enough Already
-Mpls Park Board
-Hugh Jass = 1 Skibass = 5 Meowzass

1 comment:

Meow said...

Well-at least I'm in good company! :)

Now....back those squats!