Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tell me again....

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Why does Astana need Lance?

Pilots Noticed It?


Earned My Wings

So I'm on a NWA Mesaba airplane in Providence RI waiting to fly back to MSP. I'm in the exit seat right above the right wing. Bored, I watch the fuel truck guy fill up the plane. He puts in approximately 500 gallons then he fights with the fuel cap. He forces it on and forces the lever. It looks crooked but hey, he's the expert right? As we start to taxi, fuel is spilling out of the cap, as we take off and start ascending fuel is screaming out of the cap. It looked kind of cool actually, but I decided to call the flight attendant. Once the plane levelled off she came to see what's up. I showed her the fuel shooting off the wing, and her eyes got as big as saucers "that doesn't look right" she says, and takes off. Another flight attendant verifies that yup, fuel is shooting out of the plane, she takes off and the next thing you know the plane swoons and turns around back to the runway. People are all conversing what's going on, people with connecting flights were teasing me that I should've ignored it! We land to a convoy of fire trucks, out in the runway a fireman in a silver suit, slowly approaches the wing to inspect it. We taxi in and a technician (use that term loosely) tries prying open the fuel cap with his car keys! Let's see, a metal spark, or at worst bend his truck keys so he can't escape the fiery ball? He decides to use the mountain climbing key chain thingie and open it with that instead. He puts the fuel cap back on, and then it's obvious the first attempt by the fuel truck guy was really bad. We deplane, I'm a semi-celebrity but I'm soon forgotten. We wait 4 hours before reboarding to get home at 12:30 AM. What do I get for my heroism? A plastic set of NWA wings from the flight attendant I first notified and a plea for me to not look out the window again, she wants to get home! On my way home, two blocks from my house? Get pulled over for speeding, thankfully I get away with a warning.... thanks NWA....

Monday, September 8, 2008

BMX belongs...

Those steroids must have got into my system from second hand injections, I was like at a party with some cyclists who were sticking needles in each others asses man! They stuck me in the ass but it wasn't with a needle. They were talking about bringing back the kilo, and I thought it meant the good stuff man!"

Friday, September 5, 2008


More Fast Times on the Track: Dougo/Timmer grudge match. 3:31 vs 3:38, those are FAST!!!
More Masters Natz Medals for JT: Silver in Kilo, more to come...
Henderson TT
Dog in a Hat book signing
2 Day Grind
Women Track Racing: Good women's races again last night copyright Linzilla.

Skibby = Fast last week, slow this week, looks Like I had a 3 day peak, it's all downhill from here
River Bottom Riding: Was like riding in a tropical rain forest, bugs, scratchy leaves, etc
RNC Convention: Riot Police everywhere = overkill....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rage against the RNC

Photos courtesy Andy Kruse

I wasn't there, but if there were no riot pigs present, would there have been a riot? I think not. Go home Commie Pigs and take the RNC with you...