Friday, September 5, 2008


More Fast Times on the Track: Dougo/Timmer grudge match. 3:31 vs 3:38, those are FAST!!!
More Masters Natz Medals for JT: Silver in Kilo, more to come...
Henderson TT
Dog in a Hat book signing
2 Day Grind
Women Track Racing: Good women's races again last night copyright Linzilla.

Skibby = Fast last week, slow this week, looks Like I had a 3 day peak, it's all downhill from here
River Bottom Riding: Was like riding in a tropical rain forest, bugs, scratchy leaves, etc
RNC Convention: Riot Police everywhere = overkill....


Meow said...

Oh No You DIDN'T!!! (2 Day Grind). MmHmm.....HaHa!
Giant-HED-Time ;)

Meow said...

Oh yah....looks like a partial wedgie in that picture....