Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CX Heaven

CX racers across the US can't believe the good news out of Colorado Springs today. US CX natz in 2000-10 will be held in the mecca of US CX racing, Bend Oregon. Feelings of "epicnicity" in the cx community are at an alltime "high" when the news was released at 4:20. In related news the local Walmart in Bend Oregon is planning to cut back on inventories of deodorant, shampoo and soap for the 2nd week of December for the next 2 years, planning to use the shelf space to sell birckenstocks, hemp capri's, stocking hats with authentic labrador retriever hair already sprinkled throughout and clown-wigs and short shorts for the trekkies. (editors note: this should read "trackies")

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