Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Discussion

Apparently a disturbance has been reported at the United Trackie Nation's Headquarters in Mudsling Missouri. Reportedly a fight broke out between two staffers who were beggining the preparation plans for their "CX Racers BEND OveRegon" rally to be held at USA CX Nationals in Dec of 2009. The trackies, not normally known for planning ahead or being able to see past their splintered noses, have been busy as bees sniffing glue and party planning. The disturbance broke out between Brad Snuff and Spike Speedball over the preferred costume choice. Apparently Brad threw a Huff when Spike suggested a Carol Channing outfit versus Snuff's preferred queer eye for the clown guy kit. The argument was forgotten when the participants were sidetracked with the obligatory lunch time baloney sandwich washed down with Busch Light and the testosterone patch chaser.

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Frye said...

Please, please, more Cross Nooze!! I love it!