Friday, January 2, 2009

Masters 35+ Elite Team 2011

Training for 2011 LSC/MBRC Masters 35+ Elite Team!
pictures courtesy of Jack Stack NOT Andy Frye
Jim (his last name is on his shirt), Skibby, Painman, Red Lantern, Cross King Kent

Jack Stack, notice Red Lantern is the only one smiling? That's cuz he put the hurt on us (well Painman and I)!


Jim said...

Um...uh...if I'm doing the math right here, I'd actually be training for the Masters 55+ Elite Old Team 2011.

Skibby said...

we took 20 years off for good behavior!

bob_rolle said...

RL being a nice host by putting the hammer down on ain't it so. Glad everyone finished up safe :D

Skibby said...

The Flanders Bros riders and Kent kept up with RL, not so with Painman and I, our excuse? we were rolling with studded tires, they weren't (except Kent, but he's a stud)