Friday, July 24, 2009

Cases of Mistaken Identity

I've had some cases of mistaken identity that have been kind of interesting lately. This spring on a business trip to Florida I was given Paul Shafers executive suite room accidentally, which was awesome until I got my credit card bill, they charged me Paul Shafers room service! I got that straightened out. Then yesterday I received some emails from corporate travel that my flights from Pennslyvania to Kuwait and back to PA were booked! I was thinking, hmmmm, I don't remember anyone telling me I had to go to Kuwait and how am I getting to PA! Turns out there is another Kevin Shafer in the company, but what was surprising to me was our names are spelled differently and they had my employee id and cost center on it! Then last night at the track some soccer kids were calling me Lance! There's some similarities but I'm chubbier and he's a whee bit faster!

btw the madison race last night was awesome, Chris Mehus is a good team-mate, smooth fast throws and we even won a little money! Thanks Chris! When he was a junior he used to kick my butt on the track I was glad to have him as a partner! pics from tjberry

Monday, July 20, 2009

looks better than track or cx? combo?

Monday Musings

If George Hincapie wanted the yellow jersey he should've done what any self respecting euro-pro would've done and paid off the break to work harder. To think I was getting ready to give that whiny bastard some respect when he goes and shows his true colors again.

I think Johann Bruyneel is cycling's answer to Phil Jackson. He expertly managed the egos of Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador to get the yellow jersey back home at Astana/Discovery/Postal. He knew that Alberto was the best rider and would be the team leader, but he played along enough with Lance to keep Lance satisfied. Brilliant. Lance is good for the popularity of the sport in the US so us cynics mired in negativity just need to put up with him...

The Tour of Granite Country Road Race on Sunday was an excellent course. The turnout Sunday was poor but I don't blame the cyclists. I think that event should just be one day, and just a RR, we have a full schedule and people can't afford to travel places and stay overnight for a stage race in mid July in Stearns County.

Red Lantern did not bring up cross in our trip, I did, just to whine about those who talk about Cross in July. I'm road racing better than ever thanks to KA, in stead of doing cross this fall, I'm just going to ride my road bike and train for next spring. There, how's that? You guys training for cross in July, during Cross Season I'll be training for the road for next April! And I won't be doing it by cross racing! As the Red Lantern pointed out, I can barely run across the parking lot to the bathroom with my bad knee and battered body, CX is not good for that. (circa Big Dave and his achilles)

The Red Lantern made 3 visits to the restroom Saturday morning by 9:00. I finally figured out why at the last one. He brings in his douche phone and watches porn! He's not pooping, he's spanking!


Friday, July 10, 2009

What Red Lantern is missing....

This is the crazy wacky stuff Red Lantern is missing by not coming up to the track!