Saturday, November 21, 2009

It is Good to be the King...

Shhhh don't tell anyone we're volunteering at a cx race, I have a reputation to uphold....

Hot Sausalita! I haven't seen you all week, let's go work at a bike race!

Skibby's Angels! Thanks to TBJ for foto

Check SpellingSo I could be here watching Football at the new gophers stadium with a hottie or I could be at the state CX Championship.... hmmmm.... I pick Hottie!
foto courtesy of Warnie

TBJ Loves Hockey! (Have you guys noticed the correlation between good seats to sporting events and the hotness of the dates?)
foto courtesy tbj

Skibby and Cam standing on Top of the World!
foto courtesy of Camilla

MCF representation at Smithers last rr b4 winter. Awesome Ride!
(foto courtesy of Smithers)