Sunday, February 7, 2010


First the good news. Had an awesome weekend, the past week at work was not the best and I've been very crabby. Had Friday off, ran errands, hit the library (needed some new picture books) and got in vo2 intervals on the trainer.

Saturday AM: Spent too much time on the can and got a late start to head down and meet the 318'ers, spent most of the morning riding by myself, but got in 3 good hours. Team Basketball pictures and then my team played the best game they've played all year. 61-20! We are now 4-1. Unfortunately Skibby Jr has been very sick so he missed the game, but we've still got a lot of season left.

Sunday AM: made it to the Flanders Lake Harriet Bandshell ride, almost in time, but caught them on the trail. One month ago, Jordo and I dropped Jimmer like a bad habit, should've attacked him then, now that he's been riding, he put the hurt on me as usual. Great seeing Jim Crue, Jack Stack and Adam G. Coffee afterwards hit the spot, then rode home to complete 3.5 hours in the saddle. Washed the cars, then watched the Super Bowl with Olgacita. It was a good game, took a shower at half time after watching em bring the Who on the stage with walkers and pumping them full of geritol. I LOVED the Who 30 years ago, but come on, they are so far past their prime, would you wanna watch Terry Bradshaw or Fran Tarkenton play football now at their age? I think the NFL response to Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunction has been lame. Bring out that Lady GaGa or JayZee or something, entertain us! Trotting out old white guys every year is so conservative, like Chilly the Secret squirrels coaching. Which reminds me, yesterday on my ride I saw a squirrel jump off of a two story building and soar into a snowbank. at first I though it was a flying squirrel but it didn't have on the little aviation helmet or goggles and Bullwinkle wasn't around, so it was just a squirrel with good hops.

Lastly, the sad news is the passing away of Franco Ballerini. Loved watching him on the mapei classic team, and his leadership of the Italian team was crucial for Cipollini and Bettini in winning world championships. condoglianze

Friday, February 5, 2010


I've been saying it for years, this is what we need at the NSC Velodrome!
photo lifted from pezcyclingnews